Sustaining City infrastructure begins with regular roadway resurfacing and proper drainage. Many of the roads in Coral Springs are approaching the 20-year mark. The bond for Streets and Drainage would provide funding to continue to implement the City’s Pavement Management Plan, resurfacing 85 mile lanes of roads across the City, at a faster pace.

Proper drainage is essential to keeping our neighborhoods safe during periods of heavy rain. The G.O. Bond will make needed improvements to the existing drainage system in areas of the City that are most vulnerable to flooding (Westchester, Meadows and Dells and the Corporate Park) – a quality of life improvement that cannot be understated.

Vote on March 13th

Road Resurfacing

Resurface roads now to avoid more costly repairs, recurring potholes, cracking, and other potential driving hazards in the future.

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Current Issues:

  • Approximately 85 lane miles of roads have been identified across the city that have not been resurfaced in the last 20 years due to lack of funding.

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • Implement the City’s Pavement Management Plan
  • Road resurfacing reduces wear and tear on vehicle and provides enhanced curb appeal for neighborhoods.


Mitigate flooding severity and duration in areas around the city: Corporate Park, Westchester and the Meadows and Dells.

Current Issues:

  • These areas encounter prolonged flooding during and after heavy rainfall

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • Various improvements to the existing drainage system within these vulnerable areas

How it appears on the ballot:

Issuance Of General Obligation Bonds For Streets And Drainage Projects

Certain streets and drainage areas in the City are in need of upgrade, construction, expansion, furnishing or other improvements. Shall general obligation bonds of the City of Coral Springs be issued in an aggregate principal amount not exceeding $24,492,000, bearing interest not exceeding the maximum rate allowable by law, maturing within 20 years from the issuance date, and payable from ad valorem taxes for the streets and drainage projects described in Resolution 2017-046.

FOR BONDS      __________              AGAINST BONDS _________

Streets And Drainage Projects

  • Road Resurfacing
  • Westchester Drainage
  • Corporate Park Drainage
  • Meadows and Dells Drainage
Road Resurfacing $13,250,000
Westchester Drainage $5,000,000
Corporate Park Drainage $4,300,000
Meadows and Dells Drainage $1,000,000
Project Costs $23,550,000
Bond Issuance Cost(4%) $942,000
Total Public Safety Funding $24,492,000