The City of Coral Springs believes that public safety is paramount. It is dedicated to taking every necessary measure to ensure the highest level of service at all times. Looking ahead, that includes rebuilding critical public service facilities and updating our equipment to ensure we have the latest, most effective tools on hand to serve our community. Of course, to make best use of these resources, they must be overseen and operated by skilled public safety experts. That’s why the G.O. Bond covers enhancements to the training facilities used by our emergency responders. Residents will continue to be served by a team of first responders that have received state-of-the-art, advanced training.

Vote on March 13th

Public Safety & Public Works Campus

The Westside Complex is a 50-year-old structure that serves as the City’s supply hub and transport center during a hurricane. The City is looking ahead to preparedness, and rebuilding this means more efficient hurricane recovery for residents of Coral Springs. The G.O. Bond proposes configuring facilities (storage, 
fire training, police training, public works streets and equipment repair and maintenance services) in a campus setting for optimal flow of personnel, vehicles, supplies and related resources.

Current Issues:

  • City garage and storage building is nearly 50 years old and doesn’t meet today’s building code for hurricane safety standards.
  • Cost of repairs and maintenance to roof, air conditioning and structural components will increase if building is not updated.
  • The availability of supplies and equipment negatively affect the City’s efficiency, preparedness, and response during emergencies.

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • Centralized facilities for more efficient daily operation and hurricane preparedness and hurricane recovery.

Fire Station 64 Reconstruction

Fire Station 64, established to protect the southeast edge of Coral Springs, will be expanded to accommodate more staff and better equipment.

Current Issues:

  • Unsuitable living quarters for full-time firefighter/paramedics
  • Facility cannot house the City’s new aerial truck
  • Adequate space for training and other functions

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • Provide separate sleeping quarters for male and female firefighters
  • Incorporate new technology for health and safety
  • Larger equipment bays can house modern Fire and EMS apparatus

New Tactical Training Facility

Provide the City of Coral Springs Police Department with a modern firearms training facility.

Current Issues:

The present facility:

  • Does not allow officers to train clearing tactics utilizing their duty weapon
  • Limits the movement of officers during training
  • Does not allow for real life training scenarios

G.O. Bond Solutions:

New facility will provide:

  • Improved weapons handling skills
  • Communication training for real life incidents
  • The most realistic firearms training available

License Plate Readers

Fixed license plate readers will be installed at the City’s entrances and exits as well as one fixed unit at Sample and University Drive to aide in crime prevention efforts.

Current Issues:

  • Available six units do not provide police with the coverage needed
  • Mobile units are limited to battery power life
  • Require manpower costs related to the constant movement of units

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • Provide Police the additional coverage needed to aide in crime prevention efforts
  • Instant intelligence identifying stolen/felony vehicles entering and leaving the City

Two Emergency Traffic Signals

Installed at intersections adjacent to Station 80 and Station 71 to allow emergency vehicles to enter the roadway.

Current Issues:

  • Exit points onto roadways pose visibility challenges for emergency responders trying to leave the fire station

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • Signals will ensure the safe passage for emergency responders as well as provide a safer more efficient traffic pattern at an intersection

How it appears on the ballot:

Issuance Of General Obligation Bonds For Public Safety Projects

Public safety infrastructure is in need of upgrade, construction, expansion, furnishing or other improvement. Shall general obligation bonds of the City of Coral Springs be issued in an aggregate principal amount not exceeding $27,352,000, bearing interest not exceeding the maximum rate allowable by law, maturing within 20 years from the issuance date, and payable from ad valorem taxes for the public safety projects described in Resolution 2017-046.

FOR BONDS      __________              AGAINST BONDS _________

Public Safety Projects

  • Public Safety & Public Works Campus
  • Fire Station 64 Reconstruction
  • License Plate Readers
  • Tactical Training Facility
  • 2 Emergency Traffic Signals
Public Safety & Public Works Campus $18,500,000
Fire Station 64 Reconstruction $4,000,000
License Plate Readers $1,600,000
Tactical Training Facility $1,500,000
2 Emergency Traffic Signals $700,000
Project Costs $26,300,000
Bond Issuance Cost(4%) $1,052,000
Total Public Safety Funding $27,352,000