Parks are central to the infrastructure of any community, and the City of Coral Springs believes that every resident should have access to clean, safe, and modern parks. That means improvements to some of our busiest, most frequented parks by – for example, transitioning to cooler synthetic turfs that facilitate safer, year-round play, and adding new LED lighting to parking lots, pathways and fields in parks throughout the City.

Our recreational facilities serve not only our children, but also the adults and seniors who spend their time in our beautiful parks. The G.O bond would include a new senior center and an enhanced Aquatic Complex for the residents of Coral Springs.

Vote on March 13th

Artificial Turf

Convert eight fields from grass to artificial turf in the following city parks: Mullins Park (3), North Community Park (2), Cypress Park (2), and Sportsplex (1).

Current Issues:

  • Costly operating costs to maintain fields
  • Fields close for two months each year for new sod to be put down and allowed to grow

G.O. Bond Solutions:

Artificial Turf:

  • Provides year-round playtime and less rainouts
  • Requires minimal maintenance after initial investment
  • Offers additional safety benefits such as reduced surface temperature (30 degrees cooler than the current artificial turf fields) and additional impact padding over sod

Aquatic Complex

Expand the existing Coral Springs Aquatic Complex to meet the needs of competitive athletic events and recreational activities, lessons and sports.

Current Issues:

  • Does not have the capacity to accommodate recreational swimming and swim lessons during swim meets or diving competitions
  • Dive Well and platform does not allow for synchronized diving
  • Current parking lot and bleachers are in need of enhancements

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • Expansion will give more capacity to increase the number of swim lesson offered
  • Updates to facility and improvements to parking area will provide a better overall experience

Senior Center

Build a brand new facility for the Coral Springs Senior Center at Sartory Hall creating a destination for our community’s growing senior population.

Current Issues:

  • Many classes, events and activities are at full capacity and participation continues to grow
  • Current building is 50 years old and requires certain updates and improvements
  • To accommodate demand, some classes are being moved off-site

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • New space will include a large multipurpose room that is three times as large as the current one to offer the greatest capacity and versatility of the facility
  • Expansion will offer seniors a higher level of programming, outreach and staffing
  • Added amenities will include space for Pickle Ball, a new game room, stage, and computer classroom

Parks and Recreation Lighting

Update lighting in parking lots, pathways, and fields in parks across the city making them safer and more efficient.

Current Issues:

  • Outdated and not as bright for best use and safety of sports, walkers, joggers in parks

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • Provide LED lighting – lasts longer and require less energy, reducing energy costs.
  • Updated fixtures reduce back lighting; and computerized lighting controls make it more pleasing to surrounding residents

Amphitheater / Splash Pad

Construction of an outdoor stage and splash pad to serve as a community gathering and event venue for residents.

Current Issues:

  • No such facility currently exists and has been the request of residents over the past few years.

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • Multi-purpose design, could host speakers, musicians, or just function as a spot for fun in the sun.

New American Little League Building

Replace current American Little League Building which will complete the modernization of Mullins Park.

Current Issues:

  • Current building is 40 years old
  • Not ADA compliant

G.O. Bond Solutions:

  • New building will include a press box for Heafy Field so that games could be announced and scored from a higher location
  • Improved storage space, larger updated concession stands and restrooms

How it appears on the ballot:

Issuance of General Obligation Bonds For Public Safety Projects

Parks and recreation infrastructure is in need of upgrade, construction, expansion, furnishing or other improvement. Shall general obligation bonds of the City of Coral Springs be issued in an aggregate principal amount not exceeding $26,000,000, bearing interest not exceeding the maximum rate allowable by law, maturing within 20 years from the issuance date, and payable from ad valorem taxes for the parks and recreation projects described in Resolution 2017-046.

FOR BONDS      __________              AGAINST BONDS _________

Parks and Recreation Projects

  • Park Artificial Turf Fields (8)
  • Aquatic Complex
  • Parks and Recreation Lighting
  • Senior Center 10,000 sq/ft
  • Amphitheater / Splash Pad
  • Mullins Park - New American League Building
Parks Artificial Turf Fields (8) $8,000,000
Aquatic Complex $5,600,000
Senior Center 10,000 sq/ft $5,000,000
Parks and Recreation Lighting $3,400,000
Amphitheater / Splash Pad $2,000,000
Mullins Park – New American League Building $1,000,000
Project Costs $25,000,000
Bond Issuance Cost(4%) $1,000,000
Total Public Safety Funding $26,000,000